1/2 off
Happy Hour

sunday - Friday 2-6pm

1/2 OFF pricing is already reflected below



pastries, beef or curried potatoes (3)

mumbai pani puri

semolina puff, yogurt mousse, chana masala, Indian trail mix, light mint, and tamarind chutney (5)

hummus plate

trio: garlic, avocado, yogurt spread; naan bites, crudités


Indian inspired cauliflower fritters


pulled chicken, 65 sauce, mozzarella

SUB: Steak / Shrimp for additional price

Wild West Wings

Texas heat or sweet and sassy (8), choice: naked or breaded served with house made blue cheese or ranch

curried mussels
1/2 lb

masala aïoli, raita sauce, serrano

Indian Flatbread

mozzarella, choice of saag paneer or butter chicken tikka masala

$2 off beer & Cocktails

$2 off House Wines


cni old fashioned

Old Forester Bourbon, Aromatic Ango Bitters, Brown Sugar


Blanco Tequila, Lime, Melon Liqueur, Pomegranate Cordial, Agave


Margarita, Blanco Tequila, Lime, Lychee Liqueur, Agave

sari, not sorry

Spiced & White Rum, Orange, Pineapple, Midori

all cni

masala curry sauce, tomato, confit tomato, basmati

bollywood dancer

Sangria, white wine, Zephyr Gin, fresh fruit and white grape juice

if you know,
you know

Illegal Mezcal, Lime, Orange liqueur, Campari, Agave


Ruby Red Vodka, Lime, Mint, Ginger

nimbu pani

Zephyper Gin, Lime, Spicy Fire Bitters, Mint, Soda

clutch paloma

Blanco Tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave

spurs & bangles g&t

Black Zephyer Gin, Indian Tonic, Spice, Star Anise

Dot, Not The Feather

Espresso Martini / William Price Vodka & Liqueur / Cardamom

Bloody Mehreen

EaDo Organic Vodka HTX, CNI Indian Chili 65 Mix

Draft Beer

Love street

Kolsch Blonde, 4.9%, Karbach, HTX

Crawford Bock

Ballpark Beer, 4,5%, Karbach, HTX

Buckle Bunny

Cream Ale, 4.5%, Eureka Heights, HTX

el hefe

Hefeweizen, 5%,No Label, HTX

Mango Cart

Fruit Wit, 4%, Golden Road, NOTTX

BAnger ipa

Imperial Hazy IPA, 8.4%, St. Arnold, HTX

art car ipa

American IPA, 7.1%, St. Arnold, HTX

yellow rose

SMaSH IPA, 6.8%, Lone Pint, HTX

mini boss ipa

Dry Hopped IPA, 6.8%, Eureka Heights, HTX

Rocket Fuel

Vietnamese Coffee Porter, 5%,8th Wonder, HTX

Beer & Wine Delivery