Small Bites


Meat / Veggies – 4pcs

Mumbai Pani Puri

Indian street fare served with curried hickpeas & chutneys

Hummus Plate

Served with toasty naan and veggies


Indian spiced fritters with chutney  Р5pcs

Jalapeno Poppers

American Sliders


Beef Kebab Sliders

Indian flattened kebabs – (3pcs) Lamb 4

Wild Wings

Traditional, BBQ or Honey Sriracha

Butter Chicken / Spicy Daal / 65Sauce 2 Breaded wings 2

Loaded Fries

Topped with beef chili, cheese, sour cream, pico and jalapenos.

Vegetarian avail, Paneer 2, Eggs 2
Add 65 sauce and/or cilantro aoli 2

Naan 65 Quesadilla

CNI twist on a Texas favorite.
Vegetarian or Chicken, Shrimp 5